शुक्रवार, 30 मार्च 2012

नर और नारी का प्रेम

English Translation

What is there to surprise, that when love happens first time,
A man finds woman as enticing as unreachable dream

What a proud moment for woman, that is
When a mighty man, forgetting his own body and mind,
Drops down to feet of woman, and watches her face unblinkingly,
Immerses in every moment, feels deep unspeakable pleasure

That is the moment, when woman can get whatever she wants
Ornaments made of stars, Blouse of moonlight, are for asking
Have her toes painted by fierce power of light,
Have her worshipped by the fire of full moon

All power of saintly man, and all wisdom of wise
Honour of honourable, and pride of proud arrogant,
All are token of appeasement, easily, to feet of that woman
Man in enchantment of woman cannot save anything

Yet, alas, this state of heart is so transient
Fire which rises so easily in heart of a man
Doesn't lead to tides so easily in heart of woman
And she keeps ocean hidden in her embrace

But! When tides break free in the woman
Then man's love looks timid, weak
Man kisses us (woman) in half-sleep
And falls asleep after introducing us to world of love

And woman, having her body fired up in excitement of love
Sits, waits, and makes beads of tears

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